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Harry Browne Era of Libertarian Politics

Published by Gary L. Fincher

Volume V, Edition VI – February 28, 2009

Phoenix, Arizona


It’s now official:  Archived Back Issues of Libertarian Crusader Diary are available for the first time on the web!

Libertarian Crusader Diary, published by me, Gary L. Fincher, between April 27, 1995 and August 22, 2000, will soon be up and running again, on this, its namesake site.

All fourteen archived regular issues, plus two specials, are now a mouse click away.  Just click on LCD NEWSLETTERS, then click on ARCHIVED ISSUES for a delve into the colorful and historic past of LP activism across America during the Harry Browne era of Libertarian politics.

Libertarian Crusader Diary is a newsletter of travelling, crusading libertarians.  It’s unique in that it blends keen political acumen and sage, experienced activism with refreshing personal tales and tribulations from life on the road.  The first incarnation of LCD involved the teaming with me of Karen “Kay”, my 2nd wife, who also happened to be my “partner-in-crime” for 8 years on the go.  Since Kay passed away in 2002, the next incarnation of LCD will obviously focus on me as a solo warrior for liberty in our lifetime.

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