Libertarian Crusader Diary is the newsletter of travelling, crusading libertarians.

Gary L. Fincher, aka Libertarian Crusader, advances the relenless pursuit of a world set free in my lifetime.  This site is geared toward achieving this through abundant, efficient and interesting free-lance work in the area of political reform, writing and outreach.  Political reform is manifest in ensuring a large array of parties, candidates and issues get considered at the ballot box, as long as elections are going to be held.  This site is committed to excellence in everything my associates and I embark upon, whether managing campaigns, garnering ballot access signatures, conducting voter registration, fundraising or crafting effective outreach material.


In addition, this site is dedicated to enemies of liberty, to seek out justice for those who disdain libertarian principles in their actions:  People such as Sean Haugh, who engages in election fraud; Andy Jacobs, who engages in assault & battery, Shane Cory, who engages is unethical behavior and slander; Scott Kohlhaas, who engages in election project scams; Robert Kraus, who engages in shady operations, including intimation and threats, while supposedly conducting libertarian business.  We all want them stopped and brought to justice.  Justice is what it’s all about!/


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