Born and reared in Texas, I seem to find that I’ve lost my Texas drawl here in my 40s.  I’ve been to all 50 states and all over North America and Central America.

I was born in Killeen, Tex., but finished High School in a very small town in West Central Texas called Moran.  I graduated from Moran High School.

My first marriage, to Angela, produced a daughter, Jennifer “Jenny” who’s now grown and out on her own.

I got involved in free market ideas beginning in the mid-80s, and became involved in Libertarian Party politics in 1990 while living in Maine.  I ran for the Maine House that same year, and received 6.5% of the vote in a three-way race against a Democrat and a Republican.  I became the principal author of the charter platform of the Libertarian Party of Maine, a document that is still the platform of record today.

Beginning in Wyoming in 1991, I’ve made my living as a free-lance political consultant/activist, weaving my way all across the nation, from Alaska to Florida and from Maine to California, on miscellaneous political projects, with a emphasis on ballot access.  In 2004, I was the top circulator for Ralph Nader’s Texas ballot effort, and recently in Massachusetts I blew away entire crews of circulators in pulling down 2,000 signatures in a 10-day period.

In the middle of my political activist career, I met and married Karen (or Kay as she liked to go by), an activist type herself who was 15 years my senior.  We actually met in her native Wisconsin on a political project, at a time when I was a field coordinator for U.S. Term Limits and she was a local volunteer who wanted to learn how to collect signatures from the public.  The rest is history, and we had an 8-year run together as a political activist team cruising the highways and byways of America in pursuit of personal and political satisfaction.

Kay passed away in 2002, and I dropped out of sight for a while; but after a two-year hiatus from activist work, I came back with a vengeance in 2004, and have notched many, many ballot access projects on my belt since that time.


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