Quite simply, my credo is libertarianism, or “live-and-let-live”.

I hold that whatever you want to do, as long as you aren’t pushing anyone else around, is fine.  Others may not find your lifestyle choice tasteful, but you should be free to engage in it as long as it’s peaceful and honest.

Politically, that means I oppose the initiation of force or fraud, or the threat of initiation of force or fraud.  Governments happen to be the biggest offenders of this type of first-strike aggression, so I generally decline to recognize their claim of jurisdiction as authentic or legitimate.  I guess that makes me an anarchist.  I favor dispensing of justice and enforcement of the law against the aforementioned aggression, but I see that as more of a marketplace issue rather than a political issue.  Governments tend to get justice exactly opposite anyway, and have demonstrated repeatledly that they can’t be trusted to equitably allocate its supposed “blessings”, so even its removal from the scene without replacing with anything would be an improvement.  Law enforcement duties and judicial adminstration are just as much commodoties as any other service, so they should definitely be competed for in an unfettered marketplace. 

The bottom line is liberty.  History reflects that when people are free to exercise domain over their own lives, fortunes and outcomes, the world is a safer, more prosperous and more harmonious place.

I’m a champion of as much individual liberty as possible.


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