March 2001 Essay:  Libertarianism & Making a Difference

(a good basic introduction to the libertarian credo/written while with then-wife Kay):\


February 2004 Essay:  Sorting it All Out

(draft version, but more in-depth analysis of why, by process-of-elimination, any ideology but liberty cannot fly):


February 1995 Essay:  Why I’m an Anarchist

(very short but to the point):


September 2004 Essay:  A Little on Cops

(explaining how even the best-intentioned of us can find ourselves being arrested totally by surprise):


February 1995 Essay:  Who Owns You?

(reprinted from earlier 1992 works by GLF, sums up libertarian autonomy):

November in the Colorado Rockies

(just a little “literary watercolor” I penned one enchanted November evening in Colo.):


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