Literary Watercolor:  November in the Colorado Rockies

by Gary L. Fincher, 2002

Late last night, as I was working my way through the mountains of Colorado, my usual moderately-satisfying driving experience suddenly metamorphasized into a most enchanting visual treat. A plump, full, haloed moon hung over the Rockies. As I climbed and twisted my way toward Denver, which awaited beyond the eastern slope, my breath was stolen by the sight of moonbeams refracting soft and clear yellow light, illuminating a little postcard-perfect village nestled in a valley below towering and massive, near-imposing alpine formations, all blanketed in white powder. As that Colorado moon shone brightly over the new-fallen snow, and as I glided through the high country in my modest mode of transportation savoring God’s early winter wonderlnd, I began to reflectively ruminate on how one utterly charming chalet-laden ski village after anoher, each slumbering in the crisp, chilly stillness of a November night, could be set all into enchantment with such an effervescent glow, by a celestial body more than a quarter-million miles away. Yet no sooner had I begun to ponder the beauty, when I was engulfed in Denver’s dizzying and overwhelming metropolis, before finally fading into the barren plains of eastern Colorado…..


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