One Response to “Problems/Controversy Over the Years”

  1. […] Among our most vocal critics was Denise Lamb, who at the time served under NM Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron as her chief at the Bureau of Elections.   Denise Lamb sat back and allowed Santa Fe County to get by with disenfranchising my wife and I as voters, manifest in being yanked out of a voting line in Santa Fe in handcuffs – all because we planned to vote for a minor party when we moved up in line to reach the ballot box.  Rather than try to ameliorate the travesty of not being allowed to vote, or even attempt to referee or search for a consolation, Lamb arrogantly declared that Santa Fe County was justified (and this was prior to our trial!) in handcuffing & arresting us, and injuring my wife in the process, and proclaimed that “the fact remains” that we were “guilty” (of trying to vote!).  Apparently, Ms. Lamb never believed in the principle of “innocent till proven guilty”, as she just went ahead and decreed our guilt.  A year later, Lamb tried to contend that we were engaging in acts that disenfranchised NM voters (yeah – since when does she care about voting enfranchisement?), accusations that were patently false.  Not only were they patently false, but had the allegations been even in the ballpark of true, we would have been charged with something, most assuredly, yet we never were.  Lamb knew darn well there was nothing there for a case, and it was simply politics at play.  See full story here: […]

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