What is being said about Gary Fincher:





“The Libertarian Party should get down on its knees and thank you.”  – Current Libertarian Party national chairman Bill Redpath, 2004 







“Gary Fincher as a petitioner is worth his weight in gold” – Professional petition coordinator Ronn Cook, 2008







“Gary Fincher is an excellent petitioner. Recently he worked on a petition drive to get an independent candidate on the ballot in a special congressional election in Ohio. The candidate, James Germanic, did not qualify, but he did say that Fincher’s petitions had the highest validity rate of any of his petitioners.” – Ballot access expert Richard Winger, 2008













“I want to see Karen [and then-husband Gary] back in the trenches doing ballot access work for the Libertarian Party” – Mary Ruwart, Author of Healing Our World, 2002










“Thanks to you and [late wife] Karen for getting us on the ballot in Maine” – Two-time LP presidential nominee Harry Browne, 1996








“Gary and Karen are wonderful assets to the libertarian movement” – Mark Cenci, Maine LP chair, 2000












“The Finchers were the backbone of our ballot drive, collecting twice as many signatures in 4 weeks as any other petitioner, paid or volunteer.  Without them, we would not have made it on the ballot.  Because of their exemplary efforts we hope Gary and Karen Fincher will be with us when we run a candidate for governor.”  – Connecticut Ballot Drive Coordinator Courtenay Hough, 2000









“There is absolutely no dispute about Fincher’s efficiency.  None.  Not the least bit.  Fincher collected more signatures per day than any other single petitioner. He had a higher validity rate than any other large-scale petitioner.  He collected at an entirely reasonable price.  He did not propose that he would do the petitioning for us and take 30, 40 or even 60% off the top as our fundraising commission. (Those are all rates that state chairs have informed me that they were charged by other LNC petitioners.)  I should know. After all, I’m the fellow who brought him in to Massachusetts this year.”  – 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate George Phillies


















“You need to get back up on that [Libertarian ballot access] horse and ride” – Scott Kohlhaas, courting a Fincher return to politics after a 2-year-long bereavement after the passing of Karen, 2004








“I wish all of Rob’s crew’s [Freedom Petition Management’s Wilkinson] signatures could all be like Gary Fincher’s signatures!” Constitution Party MA state coordinator Jim Eckland to national Constitution Party coordinator Alison Potter, 2008



“Gary is a workhorse for ballot access and for the libertarian movement.  We need him.” – Andrew Jacobs, free-lance Libertarian political consultant







Richard Winger

Nation’s leading ballot access expert

San Francisco, CA

(415) 922 9779



Wes Benedict

Executive Director, National Libertarian Party

Washington, DC

(202) 333 0008



Jason Kafoury 

National Director, Ralph Nader for president Campaign

Washington, DC

(202) (465 2764


Allison Potter

National Constitution Party Ballot Access Coordinator

Fairfax, Virginia

(703) 314 3713



George Phillies

Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

Worcester, MA

(508) 754 1859




Carla Howell

President, Committee for Small Government

Wayland, MA

(508) 358 4857


Carl Towe

Professional Petition Coordinator

Modesto, CA

(707) 843-0788


John Michael

National Ballot Access

Former State Legislator

Auburn, ME

(207) 376 8184


Paul Jacob

Citizens in Charge

(703) 492-1776

Lake Ridge, VA

(703) 580 7130

 (202) 256-0776


Brian Moore

2008 Presidential Candidate, Socialist Party USA

Spring Hill, FL

(352) 686-9936


Lee Albright

National Petition Management

Roseville, CA

(916) 774-0634


Mark Swaney

National Green Party

Fayetteville, AR

(479) 575 7243


Mark Jenkins

Arkansas Green Party

Little Rock, AR

(501) 666 0620




Roland Reimers

Libertarian Party of North Dakota

Grand Forks, ND

(701) 885 1555


Mark Cenci

State Chair, Libertarian Party of Maine

Portland, ME

(207) 772 8702


Ron Bjornstad

Libertarian Party of New Mexico

Rio Rancho, NM

(505) 891 4541



 Mike Johnston

Treasurer, Libertarian Party of Ohio

Columbus, OH

(614) 804 8644


Chris Costello

Treasurer, Libertarian Party of Nebraska

Omaha, NE

(402) 201 3621


Eileen Ray

Discovery Petition Management

Sacramento, CA

(209) 245 5234


Edee Baggett

National Ballot Access

Oklahoma City, OK

(678) 662-0566


Arthur Torrey

Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

Waltham, MA

(978) 663-0241


Ronn Cook

Professional Petition Coordinator

Houston, TX

(832) 876 3996


Carol Palesky

Tax Activist

Topsham, ME

(207) 725-4539


Cal Zastrow

Former National Field Coordinator, Constitution Party

Kawkawlin, MI

(489) 859 4482



Robert Lynch

Ballot Access Activist

Richmond, VA

804 353 4063



Mark Pickens

Ballot Access Activist

Phoenix, AZ

(720) 949-6472


Dave Dawson

Libertarian Party of Wyoming

Casper, WY

(307) 237-4648


Anthony Garcia

Libertarian Party of Texas

Houston, TX

(832) 453-6467


Cosmo Cook

Ballot Access Activist

San Francisco, CA

(415) 548-0563


Alexis Thompson

Professional Petition Coordinator

Tucson, AZ

(520) 884 7985


Mike Richardson

Mgr., Nader for president campaign

Belmont, MA

(202) 441-6660


Lenny Rasch

Libertarian Party of Connecticut

Terryville, CT

(860) 885-8246


Dennis Corrigan

Onetime Candidate for Canada Prime Minister

Lowell, MA

(978) 352-4435



Paul Frankel

Ballot Access Activist

Tuscaloosa, AL

(415) 690-6352


James Germalic

2008 Presidential Candidate, Black/White Party

Parma, OH

(440) 463-9170


Len Karpinski

Former State Chair, Alaska Libertarian Party

Anchorage, AK

(907) 242 4367



Alyssa Snyder

Libertarian Party of North Dakota

Grand Forks, ND (651) 246-5057


Robert Butler

Libertarian Party of Ohio

Columbus, OH

(614) 805-8292


Jim Eckland

Constitution Party of Massachusetts

Lancaster, MA

(978) 365-1727


Carolyn McMahon

Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

Monson, MA

(413) 267-9339


Rich Yampell

Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

Stoughton, MA

(781) 344-0740


Rob Wilkinson

Freedom Petition

West Boylston, MA

(508) 579-8884


Courtenay Hough

Libertarian Party of Connecticut

Stamford, CT

(203) 325-2914


Rich Loomis

Libertarian Party of Connecticut

Windsor, CT

(860) 688-1706


Nick Dunbar

Former LP Director


John Babiarz

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

Grafton, NH

(603) 523-4381


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